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Proceessed by 'IMPACT BONDING' with stable induction plate insert into frypan body, More superior points are as below.


1. None of induction plate deformation or detach in the heating up
2. Faster induction effect reaction
 - Reaching up to boiling point 100°C with 500cc water, take less than 3minutes

(TUV standard : 7minutes)
3. Superior bottom cavity
4. Durable up to 4000watt



<Fuction of Induction Cookware>

Safety -  As there is no flame and little danger of a burn or a fire, old and feeble persons or even children can use it very safely.

- overheat prevention device

- triple safety device, internal circuit protection device


Purity - Due to the direct heating system with no combustion process, there is little consumption of oxygen and almost no discharge

of harmful gases such as CO2.

Thus, this induction cooker can be used in an airtight space and a small kitchen cleanly and safely.


Economic  Efficiency - Because the container itself gets heated, there is almost no heat emission to the atmosphere,

so it has great thermal efficiency. Thus, it is very energy-saving next-generation cooker with a high level of economic efficiency. 

- adopting voltage sensing circuit(AC220V/60Hz) for the highest thermal efficiency


Speed - Since high thermal efficiency ensures quick cooking and economic efficiency, you will regain your comfortable life and leisure.


Convenience - This induction cooker is easy to use wherever electric power is available. It is small and light, so it is easy to carry.

- thermostat function for keeping warmth without any need for additional cooking

- digital timer function for timing cooking in advance


   Easy to Clean - Since there is no flame, this induction cooker doesn't get stained or scorched even when soup or broth boils over.

   Its high impact upper plate makes it easy for you to clean the cooker.

Induction heating is the process of heating a metal object by utilizing highly-efficient electromagnetic induction principle.

When a high-frequency alternating current(AC) is passed through an induction heating coil, a line ofinduction is generated

with a electromagnetic container placed on the center of it. Then eddy currents are generated within the metal and

resistance leads to heating of the metal.

Compared with the existing indirect heating devices such as gas stoves, electric halogen ranges, and other heating devices,

this induction cooker is an up-to-date cooking device with many superior features including safety,economic efficiency, 

convenience, etc.

When switched on, a high-frequency alternating current is passed. Then, electromagnetic force is generated and heat may

also be generated by magnetic hysteresis losses.

As shown in the following figure, the magnetic force may cause electron division and then eddy currents and a great deal of

electricity are generated. At this time, the container itself acts as a nicrome wire generating heat. As there is no flame like

in the gas stove or common electric stove, it is not only safe, but it doesn't pollute and warm up the inside air and

doesn't cause any worry about a fire as well.

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